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 What's Included

Extensive Techniques Playlist – Video Tutorial Training

Mobile Video Library With Index

  • 40+ hours of video training and education
  • Watch in depth technique videos on any skiing related trick you’re struggling with – covering rails, jumps, trampoline/axis, skiing and switch skiing techniques.

Direct 1-on-1 support with the coaching team (24/7 Coaching/Mentorship)

  • Get on-demand support with Bruce and other Professional Ski Coaches, who can help you overcome the obstacles your face on and off the slopes. Available for all areas of sport, tricks -> sponsorships. 


  • Community Chat
  • Monthly Pro Talks (Pro Skiers will host seminars and hold Q&A’s)
  • Weekly Ski Edits (Viewing Parties) (Early Project Releases)
  • Coaching Forum (Athletes have access to coaching/feedback from professional skiers)
  • Event Discussion Board (Recapping and covering events in real-time)
  • Social Links & Sharing Audiences (forum for helping each other grow audiences)
  • Gear Chat
  • Member Highlight Board (Each month we take the best member videos and share across platforms)
  • Product Discount Links (We’ve teamed up with big ski brands to offer our members exclusive deals) - Practically making your subscription free! 

(This is where the Slope Academy community lives! It’s our pride and joy!) 

Your Own Personalized Progression Strategy

  • Word Document and template containing your Progression Strategy for the season. (Updated throughout the season to maximize results)

 Off Season Training Techniques

  • A full in-depth playlist on how to train effectively throughout the off season.

Working With and Acquiring Sponsors

Brand Building for Athletes

  • A full in-depth playlist on how to work with and acquire sponsors: How to write proposals, outreach to companies, maintain and grow relationships.
  • Templates and examples of Media Kits, Sponsorship letters, Proposals, and Monthly Reports

 Athletic Performance for Skiing

  • A full in-depth playlist on how to improve athletic performance in Freestyle Skiing: How to overcome mental blocks, competition mindset, rest and recovery techniques.
  • Skiing specific workout program, stretch routines, warm ups.

... And much more! We are truly creating an environment for growth! 🤙🏼

About Slope Academy

Slope Academy is an all-in-one Freestyle Skiing membership site. Designed with athlete progression and community in mind, we are proud to provide all the tools for success under one roof. Our goal is to give members access to affordable coaching and support as they work to progress in freestyle skiing.

Members will learn how to land advanced tricks and reach their goals without developing poor techniques. Supporting an athletes journey in every area of sport; competition, sponsorships, workout programs, social media growth, content creation, motivational/accountability support, mentors, etc.

Who It Is Made For

Slope Academy is made for skiers in all walks of life, anywhere in the world. Whether you are just starting, advanced or retired you will be able to gain knowledge and enjoy our community.

Athletes not currently on a freestyle team, and athletes on freestyle teams are all welcome. The goal is to progress faster while learning about the other aspects of freestyle skiing.

Slope Academy was truly designed to bring athletes together! 🤟🏼⛷

Program Duration

  • Monthly Subscription basis (price may increase over-time, users will be locked in at entry rate – earlier sign up, cheaper prices)