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Peak Performance Park Program

2022 Summer Sale 🎉

(This Program also includes access to  both the RailSkiing and Sponsorship courses!)

 About This Program:

The Peak Performance Park Program is designed to coach aspiring freestyle skiers how to progress rapidly and safely, while attaining their goals for the season and building a base to continue progressing on.

Athletes learn how to land advance tricks and reach their goals without developing poor techniques, using the “Aprés In The Chalet Blueprint”.


[If you don't progress this season, I will personally coach you for FREE until you get results!]

Who Is The Course Made For:

This course is made to help athletes without local coaching programs and to provide extra value/support to athletes who are already apart of an on hill program.

What's Included:

  • Extensive Techniques Playlist – Video Tutorial Training
    • Watch in depth technique videos on any skiing related trick you’re struggling with – covering rails, jumps, trampoline/axis, skiing and switch skiing techniques
  • Personalized Progression Strategy Call (1 Hour Call)
    • Work together with Bruce to create an in-depth strategy on how to progress and reach the goals we set for your season. We then work back from the end goal creating monthly and weekly plans that build on each other to achieve the results at the end of the season.
    • Word Document containing your Progression Strategy for the season.
  • 1:1 direct support messaging with the coaching team (24-hour response time)
    • Get on-demand support with Bruce and other coaches, who can help you overcome obstacles your face on and off the slopes. 
  • Working With and Acquiring Sponsors
    • A full in-depth playlist on how to work with and acquire sponsors: How to write proposals, outreach to companies, maintain and grow relationships 
    • Templates and examples of Media Kits, Sponsorship letters, Proposals, and Monthly Reports
  • Athletic Performance For Skiing
    • A full in-depth playlist on how to improve athletic performance in Freestyle Skiing: How to overcome mental blocks, competition mindset, rest and recovery techniques.
    • Skiing specific stretch routine.
    • Skiing specific workout program. 
  • Facebook Community
    • Access to the coaching program’s private Facebook community, where athletes can reach out to each other for advice, share wins, collaborate on projects, talk about the sport, etc.

Athlete Experiences:

Bruce really knows all the inside tips that just make tricks click! - In 1 month I went from barely doing front 270's and now I can do 2 pretzel 2's and very switch up 270 out 🤯 and the season hasn't even started yet!

Jaggi Sareen