There Are Two Mistakes On The Way To Mastery;

Not Starting, and Not Going All The Way

Hi, I'm Bruce Oldham

Founder of the ASC and ASC Athlete Development

This is my Story

Growing up in a small hockey town, freestyle skiing was a completly new concept. Some how I fell in love with the sport and the dream of becoming a professional skier — turns out it's not as easy as you'd think.

I started park skiing at the late age of 17... way behind the ball. People would tell me that I was too old to make it, and at some point I even started to believe it myself. I felt pressured to do the "smart thing" and take the traditional route: going to university, getting a real job.

After 2 years into a business degree I realized that I would never be happen unless I made that childhood dream come true!

I've dedicated the last 3 years and put absolutely everything I had into skiing... and I'm proud to say that, that childhood dream has now become a reality. My goal is to help people like myself chase the dreams in Skiing and Action Sports!

Make the Ski Career of your Dreams a Reality with us!

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